So the last few days have been pretty stagnant. I haven’t done a whole lot, due to not many updates.

Its day 15 of cycle 5 today. I feel like the life and energy has been sucked out of me. Thats how I have felt all week really. I have been to the gym once and used our home gym twice. I think thats been a pretty good effort. Maybe thats why I am feeling so lethargic?

After my last post in regards to book publishing, I had two fantastic, informative replies (thanks guys!). I am even more motivated to get into publishing and will be putting extra writing into it to make it slightly different with additional stuff than my blog offers – so keep your eyes peeled for then!

Wednesday I had a phone call from the Deida at Breast Cancer Care WA INC. She visited me whilst I was in hospital after my Mastectomy and has called me a few times at home to see how things are going. Anyway, she called this week to tell me I was nominated by Narelle from Summaglo Tan and Make up bar to be invited to the next Breast Cancer Pamper Day! It will be on the 1st of February and I am really looking forward to it..

*Narelle is a volunteer for Breast Care WA INC. I have done a bit of makeup for for Narelle for Perth Fashion Week and I also used to go to her for spray tans.

The afternnon will include:

  • Hair/wig styling – a hairdresser will be providing a blow dry and they will have a selection of wigs available to try.
  • A goodies bag – we hope to be able to provide you with a suitable outfit.
  • Professional makeup and mini facial by the talented staff at Summaglo.
  • A foot massage by the friendly staff at Dual Perfections.
  • A Mundella Foods gift bag full of yummy dairy produce.
  • A delicious lunch and dessert, accompanied by champagne, juice, water tea and coffee.
  • A professional photo portrait sitting at the end of the day by Woodhouse Creative.
  • And wonderful company with Breast Care WA staff, all of the pampering by professionals who volunteer their time and approximately 10 other ladies.

Yesterday I received all the information in the mail. I feel so lucky to be involved in the pamper day and cannot wait to meet fellow breast cancer ladies!

It really goes to show how much people are willing to help others out when it comes to volunteering for things like this. I would like to do my part after my journey is complete and provide some kind of service or help to people with breast cancer.

Last night my good friends Emma and Kristie took me to the movies to see Disney’s ‘Tangled’. It was such a good movie!. I haven’t spent much time with Emma (or anyone really) lately and I it was really great to catch up with her and her sister! I miss being out lots but I know its literally a month away until I start radiotherapy and can feel a little more human again!

Today Is Megan’s (Adam’s soon to be sister-in-law) Hen’s party. We are having lunch in East Perth, then heading back to her place for drinks, games and fun. I am going with Carla – Adam’s sister and looking forward to having a few laughs. I have to leave early this evening though as my little sis Jess will be arriving at the international airport at 5:15pm!!!!!!! ARGH I can’t wait to squeeeeeze her!

More updates later. I must go get ready….. ❤


One thought on “Nominated!

  1. Charles Kellett says:

    Hi Rachael

    You are a true inspiration to us all!

    Love your blog.

    Love from Charlie, Cheryle, Liam and Ruby xxxxoooo

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