F*** the facts!

Well here are some facts I just came across on a website after a bit of research (Australian sites ONLY!)…

Funny, as not ONE of these factors apply to me. I never even take the contraceptive pill!

Go figuure… Girls, check your boobies regularly. Check yourself, and ask a GP to check for you also. You just never, ever really know what your body is capable of… xox

What Are The Causes Of Breast Cancer?

It is not possible to say what exactly causes women’s breast cancer. However, research has shown that some factors might increase a woman’s risk or chance of developing breast cancer.

Some known risk factors for developing breast cancer include:

• Getting older.

• Having a family history of breast cancer

• Having previously been diagnosed with breast cancer or DCIS.

Other risk factors that seem to slightly increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer include:

• Starting menstruation, or ‘periods’, at a relatively early age (before 12 years); and starting menopause, or ‘change of life’, at a relatively late age (after 55 years).

• Not breast feeding – the more months spent breast feeding, the lower risk of developing breast cancer.

• Not having children, or having a first child after 35 years of age.

• Taking combined Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) after menopause, especially when taken for 5 years or longer.

• Putting on a lot of weight in adulthood, especially after menopause.

• Drinking alcohol (more than 2 standard drinks a day).

• Taking the oral contraceptive pill – this appears to only increase the risk during the period of taking the pill; the risk goes back down after you stop taking it.

• Having previously been diagnosed with lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) or atypical hyperplasia (AH).

F*** the facts!

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