I have been spending a couple of hours looking at lots of youtube videos tonight at mums (yup, I am staying here again tonight).

Firstly I was searching for videos in relation to people’s hair re-growth after chemo and I came across a couple of good ones and this one was my favorite.

Next, I was looking at breast reconstructions after bilateral mastectomy’s. Here again I found quite a few, some are a bit graphic but this one was pretty good.

After looking at several breast reconstruction videos, I came across a special video of a little girl having chemo. Its cute but sad… but then also happy at the end as it is her last chemo treatment. I hope I get a song sung to me like this on my next/last chemo!!!

Now for the embarrassing one… I really enjoyed it so don’t judge me. Its obviously for kids but it put a smile on my face!


I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Its now 11:24pm and I am off to bed early (well, thats early for me!) because I need some beauty sleep. Tomorrow is pamper day. YAY!


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