Oh cool! New ink.

Today I went to the Oncology building on next to SJOG hospital with mum and Adam. I had to go in and see the radiologists and have a mug shot, get lined up for radiotherapy treatment which will start on the 8th of March ’11, three tattoos and a scan.

We were in the waiting room for a fair while, but anytime Adam is around, time flys. He finds a way to make every situation fun whether we are bored or not. He is pretty much the best friend I could ever ask for..

I had to get changed into my little oriental looking gown and lay down for the scan. The ladies pushed and shoved me around until my sternum, ribs and chest were in place then my Oncologist scribbled on me with green and blue textas. Next was a quick scan and then the lady was back out to give me three small dot tattoos. One was in the middle of my chest and the other two are on each side of my rib cage. Short and sweet really. It was just a big needle with blue/black ink on the end which she just jammed into each section. I don’t have a lot of meat on my body though, so it did feel like the needle was hitting bone each time!

Apparently I have a bit of a disfigure on the tattoo side of this scar. It has a bit of an inwards dent which I was told today wasn’t normal but it shouldn’t be a problem and is possibly to do with my rib structure. Oh well.

Afterwards I saw a nurse which talked to us about how things will go. Each appointment will take up about 30 mins from Monday – Friday for 5 weeks. Every wednesday I will see my second Oncologist to update on how things are going and thats about it. Exhaustion will kick in towards the end of treatment and I may suffer sharp stabbing pains in my scar (which I already do anyway..) because they are targeting where there are a lot of nerve endings, I may have skin irritations, sunburn effects and maybe some skin loss in the armpit area. I’ll have to keep up with natural products in the shower, creams and stuff and not apply perfume etc to the area. We will see how I go, but really, I am excited to be finishing up chemo after my last cycle next week and start feeling a bit more normal for a while.

Over the past five months, you can only imagine the bills I have had sent in the mail literally pouring in. Today I noticed I had a pile of paperwork I have barely even looked at. I either leave it in the envelope, or open it and chuck it on the table with the rest of them. Here is a picture of the past few days of letterbox goods…

Not much else to update today. I just came across a fundraiser night on the Breast Cancer WA website that I think I might go to. Here is a link to the flyer, it looks pretty fun. Anyone who is keen to go, let me know. Maybe we can make a night out of it! Plus, I will be finished chemo.. YAY!

Flappers & Gangsters

Oh cool! New ink.

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