Social butterfly!

Yesterday I had my pamper day thanks to Breast Cancer WA, Summerglo and all the lovely people that helped out all afternoon!

I met nine other wonderful, inspiring, happy women who have also had/going through a journey of breast cancer. Each lady was so interesting because they all had different treatments, stages, drugs and surgery. There was only myself and one other lady that was bald – well her hair had started to grow back, she was wearing a wig and I wore just a headscarf. We all got served awesome food and drink whilst rotating in having a facial, foot scrub and massage, make-up, hair/wig styled and a photo shoot. I decided to not wear any of the wigs provided nor did I obviously have my own hair to have my hair styled.

The other eight of the ladies all had finished their treatments around about a year ago and all had hair at a similar length. Still very short, but they all looked great. I guess I was a liiiiittle bit bummed out when I spoke to them all and found out that they had around about one years worth of hair growth, so I guess I have a pretty long time to go to get my hair back to where it originally was. Possibly about 3-4 years. Though, the main thing that matters is that I survive! Hair is only a vain thing, wigs will have to do for a few years.

When it came to being my turn for the photo shoot, the photographer was excited to take my snap because I walked into the room bald. She spent a bit longer with me because she was really into my tattoos and wanted some shots involving them, it was pretty funny. As I was posing I told her I felt silly posing with no hair as I could see my reflection in her lens which kinda put me off but one she told me I looked like someone from Top Model my thoughts changed immediately and I enjoyed the rest of the shots!

Next we did a group shot of all 10 ladies. This image will be displayed on the Breast Cancer WA website so I will put op the images or links when I get hold of them so you can all have a sneak peek.

Soon after it was time to say our goodbyes to all our new friends and helpers for the day. We were each given some nice goodie bags which was very thoughtful! They included:

  • HEAPS of Mundella probiotic dairy products (which I can only eat the cheeses because everything else is unfortunately loaded with sugar!)
  • Gift vouchers
  • An outfit from Morrison (Pants and a top valued at $266 – a little story behind why Morrison donates to Breast Cancer WA is that the owners dog died from Cancer – horrific I know..)
  • A beautifully designed hard cover book of celebrities who have been through BC
  • A range of natural beauty products

Here’s some photos! I think you will be happy to notice that I have put a bit more effort in and used my good camera today and also photoshop’ed my images nicely to ensure you to not have to squint to look at my photos properly. I should get on to doing this more often.

This book is unreal. I love the design layout, colours used and the photography. Very clean and a good read. Here are some of my favorite pages..

I was very luck yesterday as when I got home, I had received a package from my good friend Nat who has been in Canada for some time now.. She wrote me a sweet not and got me some of my favorite candy and tissues with cuuuute lil animals on them – I love that kinda stuff!


Funny actually for Nat to send me two lil packets of tissues, I really, really needed them for my handbag. I realised over the past week I have been sniffling heaps and liquid has literally been flying out of my nose, down into my mouth, on the floor when I bend over, just ALL the time I have blood or snot running out like a tap. Anyway, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised it is because no, I am not getting sick, but I have lost all my nasal hairs! Um… Its terrible. As you can imagine, you have nose hair for a reason – to stop dust and particles flying up there, to stop boogies running down etc. So I have a shit nose now. ARGH!

Another update to come shortly.. x

Social butterfly!

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