As of thursday, the rest of my week became really busy.

I met up with my lovely cousin Sandra for lunch. She had taken a bit of time off work to catch up with me. We had planned to have a quick drink to just catch up, but it ended up being a 2 hour lunch full of great conversations. We were so shocked to notice time had gone so quickly and realised that we needed to meet up more often. Time really does fly and you forget about special people in your life because you are so caught up in routine things and just doing your own stuff.

I have always had a special bond with Sandra, she is my closest cousin. Although she is a little bit older, we have been similar in so many ways. She also used to work for the West Australian and is going to help me with publishing my book, along with some other great contacts I have. I will be making sure we hang out more often, I need to spend more time with my family.

Sandra & I at Lure Fishbar located underneath the Prada store in SoHo – NYC, 2008.

Friday I had another crazy busy day and then spent the afternoon with Cat (my friend from TAFE & SJOG hospital) and in the evening met up with my dad and his girlfriend Julie for dinner.

Cat came over and we just spent a few hours together chatting over tea and relaxing. Cat brought over this really cool flower for me. I had never seen them before? Its what looks like a chestnut or something, and once you pour hot water into the cup, it slowly opens and turns into a really pretty flower! It also contains tea flavour so you don’t even need a tea bag. This one was Camomile I’m pretty sure. Cat was telling me that she specifically told the man at Cafissimo that she wanted something ‘calming & relaxing’. It also is supposed to last three days, which so far its been 2 days and its still good. Such a sweet thought. I love this girl!

Here is a before and after photos..

Saturday I spent the day at my mums apartment with Clare & Carrie. We chatted, drank sparkling water and nibbled on sushi and vietnamese rolls (thanks mum!) It was a really pleasant afternoon and yet again so good to catch up with some friends.

When I got back home, I decided to go to the gym. I went quite late so I only got 45 minutes in (better than nothing!) but even so, I was pretty worn out after. I had planned to go out that night though, so after a quick relaxation on the couch with Jaws 2, it was then soon enough time to scoff my Japanese dinner and head out.

We went to the Bakery to watch American soul singer/rapper/musician, Aloe Blacc. “My purpose for music is positive social change”… It was a perfect night, his music felt very uplifting as he has so much positivity which comes out of his music. The vibe that was set in the room was really nice too. I felt very happy whilst also being surrounded by some really genuine people.

Me, ready to go out. Eyebrows drawn on my face & wig on my head.

Aloe Blacc

Today is now sunday. I got out of bed at 3:30pm this afternoon. I was absolutely exhausted.. I wasn’t used to being out and being surrounded by people in so long, let alone the fact I went out last night. I was completely drained. It felt good being reunited with friends and family, but I still am not ready to be out so much. Thank god cycle six is coming up this friday, all these side effects will be out of my life once and for all.

Up until today, my hair had still been growing from the day I said it looked like elephant hair. It now about 2cms long, and started to curl inwards. Still very light, some strands are light brown and most are whitish blonde. All very fine and soft like a new born babies. Unfortunately when I got up today, I went up close to the mirror to inspect it and gave it a bit of a tug and the hair came out with ease. Looks like I have lost this hair again and probably will again after cycle six. After about three weeks though, my hair will really get the chance to grow without coming out two weeks later!

Friday I recieved an email from Deida at Breast Care WA saying there were a few photos up from the pamper day. Not the portrait photos, but just a few snap shots that were taken on the day. Not the best of photos as I am just in the background but I will still put them up anyway.

Oh hi, thats me in the pink singlet.

Thank you to Megan for doing my make-up! A sweet girl & also just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Adams mum has kindly re-made a dress for me which I designed, (which she originally made for me in the first place) for Ryan and Megan’s wedding which is coming up in 2 weeks (Ryan is Adams brother). The older dress which I tried on weeks ago, was really loose on me and not even worth taking in. Strangely enough I was only a couple of kilos heavier when I last wore it in NYC. So I must of toned up a lot since then?! Anyway, Rosa also re-designed the dress a little bit by taking the ‘sweetheart’ shape up a little bit higher to cover my IV port scar and we I have discovered that I have now gone from a B cup to an A cup. We bought a new strapless bra to wear under the dress and found the perfect ‘filler’ for the left side cup. I am pretty excited to wear my new and re-modelled dress so there will definitely be some good photos to come in two weeks time!


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