I have been a bit ignorant to to my blog lately, I came to terms today that it was because of the day I experienced on wednesday. I went to King Edward Memorial Hospital for my appointment in relation to Genetic Services. The lady was so extremely smart, informative and experienced. It was fantastic but also just too much information to take in for one day, not all good information either. I can understand as to why my Oncologist told me from the start that Genetic testing can be a life decision whether you go ahead with it or not, a lot of people prefer either not to know as it can be heart breaking, or for insurance reasons. I just wanted to know so I could look out for my future (and Adam’s), my mother and sister, other relatives and of course, my own children. Because of these reasons, I asked mum, Jess and Adam to all join me. I am glad I did as they now all understand whats involved as much as I do.

I will write a little bit more on this subject when the lady mails out the summary of our discussion in a bit more detail. Basically, I had a blood test the morning of my first chemo (I blogged about this day – 29th Oct back around that date sometime), It was a terrible day as the pathology center already gave a bad impression from the way the girl acted and she actually didn’t end up sending my ‘URGENT’ blood test to the genetics place in time, which I have now been informed, that the DNA did not successfully grow for them to test from. I have had more blood taken to re-test it which may not grow either as I am obviously still on chemo, so a third test may need to take place. The results can take up to 6 months for results. So, I have to be tested for two different things, 1). Genetic testing in general to see if I am a mutation carrier, and 2). P53 – this is very complicated and I will include more on this when I get my summary letter. P53 is possible for me to come back positive for as I am HER2+. Its not exactly good and my radiotherapy has been re-evaluated as to if I should have it now as I could be at a higher risk of later on having Leukemia, Bone cancer, Muscle cancer or Brain cancer. Although as the test results take up to 6 months for results, its too late. My oncologist told me on thursday that there is no doubt at all that I would second guess radiotherapy as my tumor was too aggressive to not have the treatment and would cause a higher risk of the cancer cells that were left in my chest wall after my mastectomy, to come back again.

Then there was another fact discussed where I can find out at what percentage my children would be at risk of having cancer. Maybe even as being a child. It shook me up, but I am very happy to know I have gone through IVF. Apparently, not all the embryos are always effected. So I could choose a good one, or even go to the length of having the mutation REMOVED from the embryo! Isn’t that amazing? Life is too precious.

I did cry during this appointment, which is rare. But Adam shed some positive light on me as usual! You just have to live your life, and not think about these things, if they happen, you deal with it. Like we have done anyway. There are many options out there for everything and really, everyone in the world has the possibility of getting any cancer. So I will continue to celebrate everyday of living and enjoy what we have.

This is becoming a large post and I have much more to update, so I think I will finish up now and update again tonight with some better, happier things to tell you!


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