On a better note….

Friday!!!! My last dose of Carboplatin and Docetaxel! I am so excited to know one of the hardest parts of this journey is coming to an end. I got some beautiful messages today so thank you all for thinking of me 🙂 It will also be the last cycle of taking so many different drugs. For Anti-nausea, Consipation, Diarrhea, Mouth pain/ulcers, bone and muscle pain, steroids, Neulasta immunity booster injections, oral thrush medication…. many others and also I will start to grow hair (properly, not baby fluff!) in about 4 weeks and slowly start to regain my energy levels, taste buds, hazy-foggy-chemo brain and stuff in about 6 weeks or so. Oh, and also hopefully come OUT of menopause! Sometimes this can up to months/years to wear off.

I have a lot of thank yous to throw out there to all the people I have received gifts from this week too. Not just gifts actually, just bumping into people I had not seen in a while and other special people.

Firstly I will start with bumping into Brad (Scuppy) and Ian on thursday, BOTH at the Bendat Cancer Centre firstly around lunch when I went in for another blood test, then also when I came back 2 hours later to see my Oncologist. Who woud of ever thought, out of all the time I spend there, that I would actually see people I know! That made my day.

Thursday evening I saw Scott and Gemma when I got home, which was also great. It always is. People that are always there for me with open ears and make me feel calm and happy to discuss things with. Scott had brought over a card and gift from another amazing girl, whom I think I may have met either once or twice. I remember Meg because she is this tiny, pretty lil thing who looks like Lily Allen. 🙂 She wrote a lovely card to both Adam and I, wrote me a fantastic, heart warming letter and also bought us a great book for our engagement! Wow! Thank you so much Meg ❤ It is a book on love, and Meg wrote that she bought it for us as it is her favorite artist and it is a book about LOVE. Thank you, thank you thank you, a lovely thought and we love it.

After that, Adam, Brooklyn (as requested by Tara!) and I went to dinner at Tara and Danny’s apartment and they hosted a really nice meal. Appetizers, calamari, chorizo and sushi! It was such a good night. Tara has lent me a book of hers as she is studying Naturopathy. It has a section on foods and cancer, so I am looking forward to reading bits of it over the next week whilst I am stuck in bed.

That brings us back to friday again, today, the day of my last ‘horrific’ chemo session. I had up to five visitors at once! Adam, Jess, mum, dad and my aunty Celia. I was a little worried we would get in trouble because you are only supposed to have two visitors at once, but I think they made an exception.

When Adam and I got to the Ivy suite this morning – about 7:50am, we were so tired once I was once again given the best area of the ward – the enclosed room with a bed! Yay! But yes, we were tired and fell asleep on the bed together for about an hour and a half till I was awoken with mum and Jess whispering ‘ooohh cute, quick! Take a photo!’. Adam got up soon and went to the cafeteria and returned with some amazing chips with dip, some flowers and some chocolate. I am a lucky girl!

Luckily, cycle six of chemo was done by 12:17pm when I am usually done around 1:30pm – 1:45pm, so I was pretty happy with that. The rest of my day I have been feeling pretty good and still feeling okay now, just a lil tired and ended up having a really busy afternoon. After running around for a while, my friend Emma came around with a beautiful card, some sweet flowers and a couple of gifts to say congratulations with finishing the bad chemo. We then headed out for a drink at San Churro and ended up bumping into another friend, John. As John lives across the road from where we were sitting, he ran back to pick up a present he had bought me for christmas. I knew I had to mention this present on my blog when I opened it because a portion of the funds for this gift were to support breast cancer initiatives. Seriously, it feels like I have a birthday once a week these days!

Lovely gifts from Emma

Exclusive Star Wars Pink Darth Vader Helmet!

And wait there is more…. I also received a package in the mail from Lyndsay on friday. It was 11 paper cranes. I had not got any from her for a while and she had over killed it this time! Oh my god! I was so excited when I poured them onto the bench top. They were each a different colour of the rainbow. On the tail and neck of each one, made up to the lyrics of the song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. This girl is so smart and creative. It blew my mind! It was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle at first because I was trying to line them up on the bench by remembering the lyrics to the song and in what order they went? It was a lot harder than it sounds… I think Lynz came up with this idea in regards to a Facebook status I updated the other day. It was from the Katy Perry ‘Firework’ song… ‘After a hurricane, comes a rainbow’. I think that is definitley something I can think about each day and smile.

All 11 cranes set up in rainbow order to the lyrics

When I saw the clinical trials girl today during chemo, it was the girl – my age, who I had last time who is a Cervical Cancer survivor from 4 years ago. I discussed with her that I think I was starting to get yellow/black sallow looking eyes and put on weight from bloating and noticed I have broken out in heaps of pigmentation, specifically on my face where I had no freckles visible at all before hand. She said it was very normal and that when she was on chemo she gained more than 10 kilos. She also showed me up close her face has lots of freckles too from chemo and they still haven’t gone, just reduced. I am kinda annoyed, mine are very dark and cover my whole face. Adam thinks they are adorable, so really, I guess I don’t care. I have had enough happen to me now that looks just don’t matter that much any more. I told her I wear 30+ sunscreen ALL over me everyday and have for a while now, but its just the sensitivity from chemo to the sun is outrageous. She recommended me a light weight ‘invisible zinc’ by Elle Macpherson which I found today in a chemist. It is recommended for chemo patients to wear everyday and is supposed to be really good. So that is what I will be doing now. I guess since I have been sick, I have not worn makeup everyday like I always have done in the past. I gave up caring and wanted to be more natural yet I guess its also not helping with blocking me from sun exposure as my foundations always have sunscreen in them. You can’t win really. The feeling of the weight gain will also be contributed from the pressure my liver and kidneys are under at the moment, so the weight should drop off quickly now. Thank god. Not that anyone would even notice, but I think I am allowed to say I feel ugly some times.

On a better note….

2 thoughts on “On a better note….

  1. Lynz says:

    I have no Facebook lover!! It’s just a song I have been enjoying lately courtesy of a glee episode where they sung it 🙂 happy valentines by the way. Miss you muchly xx

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