I am blessed

Apart from my little winge/outbreak the other day, I feel like I have been shutting everyone out a bit this week. I haven’t updated with any of my side effects or anything from my last big chemo cycle.. Well, part of that reason is because I have not had as many as usual!

My Oncologist suggested that I carry on with my Dex medication from the thursday before chemo, till wednesday. It helped so, so much. It is supposed to be bad to be on this drug for too long so thats why I could never do it in my other cycles, I guess because this was the last time I would be taking it, that made it okay. So really, just exhaustion, headaches, tummy aches, a few bowel issues, metal tasting mouth/no taste bud sensation and depression/mood swings this time round. When I write that down, it still seems like a lot! But really, its been the easiest one I have had. Maybe my body was also getting used to being thrashed around by this stage?

So I do have a few things to mention.. Firstly, I had a phone call from the lady at Breast Care WA on wednesday morning to tell me they had done a write up on me in the monthly newsletter that gets sent out. I proofed everything through a couple of emails and I signed some consent forms and it will be out soon so I will scan it when it arrives in the mail! Thats pretty exciting I think.

Going back to yesterday when I was really down about my hair, I had such a huge response from everyone who read my post. I hope that didn’t come across as attention seeking or too negative, but I think it is important for me to update when I am feeling down too, not just when I feel positive. Not long after writing that post, Adam brought in a card that was in the mail for me. I was shocked because I totally wasn’t expecting anything and no one had recently asked for my home address? I read on the back of the envelope of whom the sender was.. and it was my friends’ Billie & Crystals mum, Vinka. We talk a bit every now and then, she understands breast cancer well as her mother unfortunately passed away from it. (RIP xo). She wrote me a beautiful warm hearted card and also as I opened this card, a ticket to see ‘Rihanna’ live fell out. WOAH I completely lost my mind! I cried once again from joy. How amazing is that!? Just after I had written a negative blog post saying ‘something good better happen today or I am going to break’.. or something along those lines… I had so many lovely comments and text messages throughout the day, I even had Gem pop past again and leave me some beautiful yellow roses, a card and another very creatively appropriate gesture!

Oh My God!

Sweet gift from Gem, which also came with a packet of sparklers.. (get it?) 🙂

My dad dropped off a package that arrived to his work for me from my cousin Kay in Ireland. Kay has been emailing me lately as she came across my blog and had lots to say about someone close to her that she looked after through a big round of chemo. Kay knitted me a really cute hat for winter! Its pink and it also has a cute pink cherry blossom pinned onto it. I think my head is going to be very happy when it gets cold!

I also finally had my appointment time sent out for my consultation for breast reconstruction. I am starting to get really excited about having a new pretty chest soon and very keen to talk to my surgeon and see what he can do for me! I will be a completely new lady with even better breasts than before. To be honest, I am already scared of the surgery.. Really, really scared.

I am blessed

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