Birthday girl!

The past week has been busy yet again.Saturday lunchtime was exciting as Mum, Jess and I had plans to go visit our good friends Maggie and David. They are the wonderful parents of Jess’s best friend Holly throughout primary school till beginning of grade 9. Holly was like a second sister to me and very sadly passed away in 1999. Both Maggie and David are two of the most beautiful people I know. We spent the afternoon at their lovely house and had a great time. I found this very therapeutic catching up with these guys.

I have been spending a lot of time with my sister Jess as she always stays over a few nights a week when uni is back on. Also it was her 26th birthday on sunday and we spent saturday dinner out celebrating with close family and a couple of Jess’s friends. We went to Greenhouse, an environmentally sustainable restaurant and bar which is covered in wild strawberry plants and features a rooftop garden where people can dine or drink surrounded by many of the fresh ingredients growing in planter boxes on the walls. I had been here once before and was excited to go back and try it again. Photos below..

Image Source:
Adam, John, Julie & Mum
Me & Dad
Me & Mama
Jess, the birthday girl
Me, Jess, Dad, Julie & Mama

The past week I have been slowly improving after nose bleeds, chronic fatigue, body aches (especially legs) and very tender finger/toe nails. My body is still feeling some what swollen and puffy so hopefully that goes down a bit within time! The weather here in Perth has been outrageously hot. Up in the 40’s for about a week now and its definitely not helping with my hot flushes, I feel like I am going to blank out everytime I have them and its making sleeping at night really difficult even though we have super good air con.

My hair has been growing like CRAZY… I swear everyday I notice it coming faster and faster.. I have been keeping up with the rosemary oil and shampooing my mini hairs with a natural product, hoping that it is keeping my follicles oil/blockage free and stimulating my scalp.

I have been exercising all this week again and tonight topped it off with a big burst of energy at the gym! I was listening to Rihanna’s new album ‘Loud’ whilst on the treadmill and was really pumped. I found myself gaining more and more energy as the minutes past when usually I am dreading each second that lights up on the screen… Before I knew it I had my incline and speed up and I was running. I have not run for six months!? I looked up into the big mirror infront of me and smiled, then started to cry tears of joy. I was so happy that I was starting to gain strength I never thought was possible to have back. I went for 28 minutes until I felt my blood sugar level dropping and I was about to start having a fit. So it didn’t end well but I was proud to be finishing up my cardio workout with my diabetes effecting me, not cancer.

Finally. Tonight proved to me that I am now taking baby steps into recovery!

Birthday girl!

One thought on “Birthday girl!

  1. Yolande Bennett says:

    How heart warming and relieving it is to read this blog. We are all longing for your speedy return to a healthy and normal life again!

    All my love mama xx

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