Its all about hair.

Here is a set of photos of what is involved when mum gives me a Rosemary oil head massage!

You can see I obviously have no make-up on and my eyebrows are looking quite sparse. (These photos are from a couple of weeks ago). Here is also a close up of my ‘gappy’ eyelashes. (Very flattering photos, I know..)


This was also taken the same day as the head massage photos so I think right now they are thickening up from using RapidLash. You tell me!!!

Thats about all for now. Brooklyn is annoying me right now as she is trying to walk over my laptop keyboard. Its making this update take 3 times longer than it really should. Argh!

Its all about hair.

One thought on “Its all about hair.

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Although my tracking of your blog has been patchy I finally have to leave a comment. I just want to commend you for your bravery and above all, grace. A quality I aspire to. We’ve been thinking of you a great deal and continue to as you walk the path of recovery. Best wishes and love from Emma and Craig @ f22.

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