Medical Things

Yesterday involved a different routine than usual. As it was the first 3 weekly thursday of seeing my Oncologist with only having Herceptin as my chemo drug, every three weeks on thursday I need to have a blood test in the morning, see my oncologist around 2pm then go to the ivy suite for chemo. Usually I would be having a blood test and seeing my oncologist, then getting up super early on the friday to prepare my self for 6 hours for my chemo cocktail of 3 different IV drugs. Mind you, when I start radiotherapy next week, I will have to add that to my three weekly thursday. So that will be four hospital appointments in one day. Hectic!

It was such a breeze doing just Herceptin. I still have to apply the Emla anaesthetic cream 1 hour before treatment (at this time yesterday mum and I were still waiting to see my oncologist as she usually runs at least one hour late from scheduled appointment time..) The infusion takes 30 mins, then I am flushed with a 7 minute saline (also through IV port). I actually fell asleep sitting up in the chemo chair with my iphone in my hand. I was so, so tired, I think everyone has been in this heat. Its been unbelievably hot here in Perth.

Sterilization of utensils
Needle and tube going into IV port
Needle goes in...


Making sure blood draws back
The Ivy Suite - Chemo Ward
Cytotoxic Waste Bin

My oncologist said that my heart scans are a lot better than they were a couple of cycles ago (when we started to worry). She showed me all the statistics and percentages of each scan and there was an obvious improvement which was great to see. I am still running a little bit low on Iron but still not enough to need a blood transfusion. I had to mention the weird numbness I am experiencing in my finger tips and terrible pain on my nail beds. She said its lucky I have completed Carboplatin and Docetaxel because once you start to get these symptoms, the next cycle becomes worse and my nails most probably would of started to fall off. PHEW. Huge relief, now to just hope that they do stay on as they are looking dead and a couple of the nails had already started to pull back off my fingers.

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from a friend asking me if I could urgently complete a design job for him which was needed to be used that night. I was at home and free at the time and of course I accepted the job. It was only something small, but I felt really happy that he asked me and I successfully completed the job for him after the first proof. I guess its the small things in life that really make me smile these days.

I realised I had not been talking about Boost Juice any more and thats because I haven’t had one since I last talked about it! At christmas time, my lovely cousins gave Adam and I an amazing Breville juicer for an engagement present. Ever since, we have been making our own healthy fruit and vegetable juices on a regular basis. Funnily enough, it really was the perfect gift because I had was curious as to how many calories/sugar Boost juices really had in them as it doesn’t have a nutritional information label on the cups they give you. I researched it online and it blew my mind as to how bad they are – for a diabetic at least! I knew there were some that weren’t good for me, but some, THIS bad?! Shit, I am glad I looked it up! and a big thank you to Sandra, Phil, Ashley and Harry for the juicer that saved me.

Beetroot, Pineapple, Pear, Apple, Ginger, Orange & mint.

On Tuesday dad and I made a visit to Medibank and Medicare in one hit. We both carried a manilla file each, FULL with medical receipts and paperwork. Its so hard claiming all these different things back, they all go to different places and its hard to keep track of everything no matter how organised you are. I felt good knowing that dad was getting back lumps of money as the bills are still piling up from the mail. Thank god for medical claims…. I feel like I should be giving my next 10 years worth of pay checks to my dad and Adam when I do get a job.

Feeling sorry & helpless 2011.


Medical Things

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