Cancer is sneaky

On my other blog acount I have (just for browsing purposes) I came across this today. This lady is from Seattle and is currently undergoing treatment for BC. Have a read and inspect yourself regularly. Please don’t ignore it..

Breast Cancer is a Sneaky Bitch

Wanted to share this info from another awesome breast cancer warrior here on Tumblr.  Please read:

“Oh, and be sure to tell the girls asking that it is important to look at your breasts and note any changes in shape. I had NO knots/lumps. Just when i raised my arm it looked like an invisible finger was pressing up on one spot. The cancer can affect the tendons in our breast and so when we raise our arm that tendon pulls up on the skin. My two ‘other’ spots that were not seen on mammogram did look like …cellulite to the right of my nipple. And that’s what the doctors said it was when I showed them, so ANY breast shape changes should be pointed out.”

Cancer is a sneaky bitch.  It can manifest itself in so many ways.  And the scariest part about breast cancer is that it almost never hurts initially.  My lump didn’t hurt at all until I started pressing around on it.   Gals- pay attention to your breasts.  And don’t be afraid EVER to push your doctor for answers.  If they give you an answer that doesn’t feel right to you, keep asking.  The squeaky wheel gets greased.  Don’t ever let a doctor make  you feel stupid for being an advocate for your own health.

LOVE YOUR BOOBIES. And part of loving your boobies is touching and examining them regularly.  DO IT.


Cancer is sneaky

One thought on “Cancer is sneaky

  1. Sonny jade says:

    Doctors are terrible like that.. How many times I’ve asked to be tested and examined just to be on the safe side and them having told me if there’s no reason to suspect anything then it’s strange you’re asking. Grrr can’t we just be on top of our health!!

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