So far, so good.

There are a few things to mention.. Firstly, Rihanna was unreal on saturday night. Thanks to Vinka, Crystal and Bobby-Rae for a really nice dinner and company at the concert. May I also add the Rihanna t-shirt Vink secretly bought me!!! Thanks so much. Vinka also sent me a message today after reading my last blog post about wanting someone young to relate to. She mentioned that I could be a volunteer for Radio Lollipop at PMH and visit the sick children. The thought had not even sprung to my mind, but straight away I sent an email to them with a request form saying I’d like to help.

In other words, Is it possible for radiotherapy to effect blood sugar levels? To me that sounds like a stupid question and a definite no answer, but why else are my blood sugars dropping like crazy? Yesterday I had to give myself 4 sugar fixes. Huge ones, all up I  may as well have carried around a a big bottle of Coke, a huge handful of freckles, 2 killer python snakes, dried mango, fruit bars, licorice and starburst rattle snakes – why? oh because thats how much I had to ingest when my body started to go into shock from hypoglycemia. Now you can see why I am a gym addict, because diabetes tends to try take over your life a lot of the time. Fighting back is tough but I have to say, majority of the time I am on top of it.

I had a bit of a shock reaction last night to the radiotherapy. I was at Adam’s parents house and whilst talking to Rosa, I was unintentionally gently scratching my chest> When I realised I was doing so, I looked down my top and realised my scar and a little bit of my right breast was red, inflammed and itchy. I stopped scratching and just observed it overnight. Funnily enough it just went away after a few minutes of not touching it. I made sure I asked my 2nd Oncologist today after treatment if this was normal, thank god – its just my body starting to react to radiotherapy. Even though the redness went away, its kinda the kickstart of the reaction starting. Next week I will most probably start to get some semi permanent side-effects.

My hair has been growing lots and I have some new shots to upload in this post to show you all. It looks as if my hair is coming back curly… I am a bit nervous because I’ve never really even curled my hair, maybe once or twice!?

Side View
Back View

Yesterday Jess and I went into the store we were in a few months ago when the lady got really spiritual with us. She had a lil chat with us and then asked if she could tell us a few things that she was picking up off our energy. I was keen to hear what she had to say and was blown away. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but basically she was asking about our other sister. We both said oh, its just us too and our half brother. She continued to say, no are you sure there wasn’t another sister..? Jess’s best friend Holly who passed away in early 1999 was as close to us as a sister so we mentioned that. Apparently her spirit still follows us when we are together. When we shop, when we go out, everywhere. She also has been living in my body as a sign of protection. It was all some pretty heavy stuff but I am always up to hear what people have to say, think or feel. It was a big shock to us both and I guess we have never really gotten over it all, maybe this has helped us?

The tables will be turning on friday for Adam and I. Adam is getting all four wisdom teeth out and I will be taking care of him. I am actually looking forward to repaying him for looking after me, obviously not as much as he has done, but just babying him a little bit, making some nice custard and jelly, maybe some soup and just watching some movies and having a quiet weekend.

I redid my nail polish last night (changed to purple from blue) and as I was manicuring my fingernails I noticed they are definitely lifting off my nail bed. Its not painful in any way which is good, but I hope that now the heavy chemo is over, that they will not continue to peel off underneath. I am close to having all the sensation back in my fingertips too. The way I realised this was the fact that I can now feel my finger pricks that I have to do every time I test my blood sugar! Damn! Speaking of sensations, I also have my tastebuds back! YAY! I think so anyway, maybe I have more to return, but as for now I can taste pretty much everything I eat and drink. Oh the little things in life… 🙂

To finish off, here is a photo I just came across on my computer. It was taken on a sunday.. The day before I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, lunch with Adam and Brooklyn in subiaco. So innocent – I had no idea what the next day was going to involve and to change the rest of my life.

Boo Boo & Rachi - Day before diagnosis
So far, so good.

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