Its 9:15pm and in less than 2 hours I will be flying to the Gold Coast via Sydney. I am so excited to be somewhere completely new for a few days and have some fun with my sister. On the other hand, I am nervous and I guess you can say I am scared too. For the past seven months I have been surrounded by so much love, support and company every day. Adam, mum, dad other family members and close friends have been there for me. I haven’t even really gone out somewhere or driven by myself much in those past seven months. Jess is a fantastic sister and she will be there for me in every way possible, but I do feel sad leaving Adam and Brooklyn, also my mum who is going through a rough time at the moment. I have checked my luggage several times to make sure I have all my medications, needles and compression bandages because I am so scared I am going to forget something and have a panic attack on the plane!

As most of you would know, my story was aired on 92.9FM this morning. A Western Australian radio station. It was so strange hearing myself talk but I was also so happy to know my story was being told and I was warning all ladies AND men out there to not just double check, but TRIPLE check themselves for anything suspicious. Thank you so much to Vinka for writing in for me!

As a result if this, I won a trip for two friends and myself to stay at the Empire Retreat in Yallingup (down south) for two nights and be flown there in a helicopter! When we arrive there will be a gourmet platter awaiting us. A beautiful lunch at a winery worth $150 and I myself will be treated to 2 x 2.5 hr spa treatments. Wow! Oh and how could I forget… Add two cases of wine to that! Unbelievable.. I cannot waaait for my little special getaway.


It’s now Friday night 9:04PM as I am in the Gold Coast. Just before we left, Brooklyn seemed pretty sad knowing i was going away and decided to lurk around my suitcase and sook.

Adam drove us in and as we pulled out of the house I started to cry. I was so nervous about leaving home an being somewhere completely out of my comfort zone. Adam gave me lots of kind words, love and reassurance and I cheered up shortly after.
At the airport when I walked through the metal detector thing, I beeped. I was annoyed because we were close to missing our flight and the airport was so hectic. I was shocked and confused as to why I beeped?! It had never happened before and all I could think of was.. ‘is it my titanium IV port?’ the lady asked of I had any bracelets or anything on me but all I had on was my ring and a medic alert bracelet. I looked at the lady and said, ‘could it be that I have a port in my chest?’ then I whispered and pointed at my port ‘I have cancer’. I had to take my shoes off and then realised that it could of been the wrist/thumb brace I had on as my trigger thumb has been playing up lately. Success! It had a thick metal splint inside it.

We had a connecting flight so had to stop in Sydney. It was a pretty rough flight to be honest, we took some Temazepam and drank a mini bottle of red wine each to knock us out. I woke up with bad back, leg and bum pains.

Today we have been pretty tired so kept it low key and plan to explore tomorrow!

Here is a photo of boo boo being a baby.



One thought on “Excited/nervous

  1. Hi Rachiii. Hope u have a brilliant holiday in my home town.. I would love to meet you if you and your sister have time while you are on the Gold Coast and take you for breakfast or lunch!! I am the author of the book ‘ Women’s Words’ that your mum bought you. You can email me on Karen@kpcc.com.au Best Wishes Karen Phillips

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