Not a whole lot to update today. I have been so exhausted this week and got a lot to do. I have put most things aside for now as I think its important that I listen to my body and rest when I am feeling like this.

I have had a couple of days where I felt pretty emotional too. Crying out of no where and feeling down. As usual, Adam has been there for me to make me laugh and cheer me up with really sweet comments and lots of hugs. I recall him saying something really funny the other day, not long after I stopped crying.. ‘No more tears!! They call me Johnston & Johnston’… I thought that was hilarious. He is so good at making me smile. 🙂

The other day I had an incident in a food court which brought my mood down slightly too. I was sitting at a table by myself as Adam was up at a counter waiting for his food. I had no scarf or anything on my head, just my minimal head of hair and I was just eating lunch till a group of about 6-8 school girls in uniform around the age of 14 came past and one of them said rather loudly ‘ewwwwww that girl is DISGUSTING!!!’ I looked up and all of the girls were looking at me and they all started to laugh. I don’t know how parents bring up their children these days but I definitely didn’t talk about people in front of them like that! I ignored it but at the same time I was upset. I left the house feeling confident with my ‘reasonable amount of hair’ and was actually pretty happy with how it looked, so for someone to bring me down like that was unfair. I told Adam when he sat down and he offered to throw his food at them but obviously I didn’t agree to that! He put it in a better light by saying its actually a good thing they say that because it means you don’t look SICK. If you looked ‘disgusting’ AND sick, they wouldn’t of said anything. So I guess he is right and at least I look healthy?

After todays appointment, I can officially say that I have two more days of radiotherapy. I am looking forward to this as you can imagine! My chest wall has gradually become a deeper shade of red, more uncomfortable and very itchy.

Chest Wall

To me it looks like someone has come running up to me with a hot iron! I think that would be more painful, but possibly similar side effects..

My body hair is coming back pretty quickly and I am still yet to wax it off. I haven’t done it yet because I am scared of being in more pain and also don’t think it would be appropriate to wax my left armpit for two reasons.

1) Radiotherapy redness goes up pretty far over my armpit so I definitely cannot wax there till all the side effects have gone away

and 2) I need to talk to my breast surgeon or chemo oncologist to see if I even CAN wax that left side where I had my mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. Is it possible that I could get lymphedema from it? I mean, Im never able to go in a sauna in my life again. Or a steam room, have blood pressure taken on that arm or have needles on that side. I think its always better to double check.

My head of hair is growing more and more, it is thickening up by the day. I am hoping to have a good thick coverage for winter so I don’t freeze to death in the cold!


You can probably see the little red spots under my hair in that photo. I think they are ingrown hairs. They are sore and I wish they would go away.

Thats about all for today. Hopefully I will have some more exciting news within a couple of days.



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