A little getaway

Its been over a week now I think since my last update, so there is a lot to discuss!

Last monday I ran around like a mad man (well, lady) trying to get a zillion things done before we left for the helicopter trip down south the next morning. The amount of times I was chanting in my head whilst packing, all the names of my medications to ensure I wouldn’t forget, would of definitely been close to 1000 times.

We left tuesday morning just after midday. The helicopter was so much fun! It felt like we were weightless in the sky just bobbling around like we were in a bubble. It was such a great experience and a lot quicker than driving down! It was really noisy so we had to wear big headphones with microphones attached which we spoke through to hear each other talk. The views were absolutely unreal!

The helicopter that took us there
The view
And again...
Having fun in the back!


Once we landed, a lady called Marion took us through the Empire Retreat where we were staying for two nights. It was in the middle of no where so it was really quiet which was nice and peaceful.. The retreat was so pretty inside and out. It was like being in a big farmhouse in the middle of a really pretty green forest. It was basically a big communal house with lots of rooms attached to it and some really awesome ornaments and furniture.

Looking for somewhere to land


Once we walked into our room there was a gourmet platter awaiting us! We indulged in that then had a nice nap for a couple of hours. Once we woke up we went to dinner at Caves House and had a couple of red wines by the fire, How romantic!?

@ Caves House, wine by the fire

Wednesday day was then the big day. We came down for breakfast which was so nice, there was a small buffet of foods and drinks and a menu to order cooked eggs. The room had huge glass windows which looked out into the green forrest area out the back which was beautiful.


Next we went to lunch at the Vas Felix Winery. It was really nice down there and so much beautiful french food. We were in heaven! We took our time with lunch and soaked up all the wonderful views (as we ate on a balcony over looking the vineyards) and it was such a perfect sunny day.

Vas Felix Winery
Lunch Time!
The view from our table

After lunch we had a bit of a walk around whilst I played around with my camera. I got a few cool shots, here are a couple of my favorites..

Once we returned back to the retreat, we were then on our way down to the day spa for our treatments. We had 2.5 hours EACH of pure bliss. I have had many beauty/day spa treatments in my time as I used to work in a day spa myself, so I was interested to see how it would be. I was so impressed, I was in complete relaxation. I needed it so badly and had no idea! If any of you are interested in having a massage, I recommend you choose a Hot Stone Massage… Its UNREAL!

So as it was now our last night, we decided to stay in for dinner and order pizza to the retreat so we could relax and not have to leave the room. It was the best idea.. We had Adam’s Ipad with us so we bought the movie ‘The Fighter’ on Itunes and watched that whilst we nibbled on dinner in bed.

Before we knew it, morning came and it was one last breakfast before Mike our helicopter guy came and flew us back home. We made a promise to each other that we would definitely come down south again really soon because we never take the time to do things like that and it was the perfect little getaway for us to take time out from life.

A blue helicopter for the ride back!
Salt Lakes

A HUGE, thank you to the lovely Vinka for even making this little getaway possible for us and ofcourse to 92.9FM for awarding us with this prize!!!

A little getaway



My good friend George has organised a fundraiser event for the movie ‘The Hangover 2’. I’m sure most of you know the movie from the prequel! Its going to be such a fun night as he has hired out one of the ENTIRE cinemas at Event Cinemas in Innaloo! I am so thank ful to have such wonderful friends who care so much to even bother going to the efforts of doing such nice things for me. I would appreciate if you all came.. brother, sister, your better half, mums, dads, your aunty, uncle… ANYONE! We have the chance to fill a cinema with people we all know/care about cancer in general and want to have a fun night.

Here is the flyer for the night and feel free to message/email me for more details…


A big thanks also to Adam for the photography and Scott for the flyer design.. Which you may notice is exactly like the real advertising for this movie!

On another note for tonight, there has been a lack of updates here due to my short trip down south. Tomorrow will be a BIG post with lots of photos!

Big love,