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Each and everyone of you are invited to come join in on a big fundraising event. Whether you know me or not, you are welcome to come have a great night for a fantastic cause. My friends Ben and Caitlin have gone to the trouble to organise an awesome event which funds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. If you have a Facebook account simply click the following link for details or just read below..


WHEN?   Thursday, May 12 @ 8:00pm – 1:00am

WHERE?   Shape Bar – 237 Hay Street, Perth

WHO?   SHOCKONE, Kit Pop & Zeke, Rekab & Dr. Space, Scott D & Yon Jovi, and Spaks, Naughty B and KZ The Boogieman


Everyone involved in the event has donated their services so I’d like to send out a massive thank you to you all and get the word out there to make the event huge to hope promote a really great night. ❤

I was contacted on thursday by the Sunday Times to organise a photo shoot  and interview for Adam and I to go in the ‘Community Spirit’ section for Sunday 8th May. We had the shoot on friday and still waiting on the interview to be organised, but look out for the paper for sunday if you are interested in having a read/look.

After doing a little bit of Google research the other night I came across a Gold Coast newpaper article which I was mentioned in, that I was unaware of. I was shocked at first though as I read on I realised it involved Karen Phillips, the author in which I met whilst I was over there (Article placed below).

Gold Coast Newspaper

Finally a letter came in the mail on friday to inform me I had an appointment set for wednesday at the Menopause clinic. I have been taking those Catapres tablets as much as I can but I have unfortunately been a bit forgetful with them and my antibiotics for folliculitis. I have so many vitamins, powders, pills and injections to remember that I just lose track! The hot flushes are still as frequent and annoying as ever so I hope this appointment will add some good advice and clear up some of these problems for me.

I have had a few moments over the past few days where I have stopped what I am doing and had flashbacks from the past few months. The visions flip by so fast in my head that its crazy to think what has actually taken place and how full on everything has been. Time has seriously flown and I think a lot my positive thinking has really taken part in it. My advice to anyone out there is to really try and highlight the positives out of every situation possible. It takes time but it honestly works.

My hair is still growing pretty fast. Its at a bit of a weird stage at the moment because the top of my head it standing up dead straight so I have a bit of a mini flat top going on. I hope it flattens down soon because I think using hair wax is making the folliculitis worse. It still has not changed texture or colour to my normal natural colour which I think is good. I am happy to have my normal hair coming back the same. It is dead straight and a dark ash blondey-brown which looks grey/silver in the sun. I used to hate it and dye it all the time but I am becoming attached to it and want to keep it natural.

To finish up with, here is some typography I did with a can of ‘Alphaghetti’ one after noon when I was bored. (Please excuse the language… It’s how I felt at the time)

Alphaghetti typography

Good night xo

Join the party

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