MORE surprises!?

Last friday evening I had another little angel leave a gift for me at my house. Thank you Celeste! When she found out Adam and I were engaged, she hand-made a really cute card with a water colour painting of brooklyn on the front. Celeste left a bag with a sweet note, two books (excellent choices!) and some really awesome salt and pepper shakers. They are two deers with magnet noses, so they kiss when they are next to each other! Such a cute engagement present!

So cute!
Dr. Seuss & Shaun Tan

Then last night when I came home from the gym, I had a bag waiting near my front door. There was a gift from my friend Casey and another girl Kim, (who I have only recently met.) Both gifts were also so beautiful. I am just so overwhelmed STILL to be receiving all these unreal gifts?! Why is everyone so generous! I cannot get my head around it. Everyone is so wonderful.

These were given to me by Casey… A teapot and set of four small cups. Also three different kinds of loose leaf teas! Casey is moving house literally 30 seconds walking distance from me soon so we will be using this set often and she also thought it was a good idea as a gift to have with my friends whilst discussing ‘wedding’ plans. How thoughtful!? 🙂

Teapot & Cups
Loose leaf tea

Kim wrote me a lovely card and bought me a book on ‘1000 Natural Remedies’ I had a brief read through last night and today whilst in the waiting room to see a doctor and have noted down a few things already that I want to try! She also got me a gift certificate for a ‘Hi Tea for Two’ at The George. I had never even heard of these before?! Let alone have I yet been to The George. It looks so unreal and I cannot wait to try it out!

Card & Book
Gift certificate

I spent a good half an hour today replying to emails and messages that have been sent to me from so many lovely people. Some I know, some I’ve never met in my life. Thank you all so much for even having the time to say nice words to me. As I’ve said, its beyond amazing that everyone cares so much.

That is all for now, I shall be updating again later with how my ‘Menopause Clinic’ appointment went. Right now, its time to get some Thai for dinner!

MORE surprises!?

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