Check, check & check again.

Firstly a big thank you to my friend Larissa in Sydney! I opened my front door the other day to a girl holding this beautiful vase of pink roses and a nice card. I was so shocked when I read the card and saw who it was from!

Roses! - Brooklyn is extremely interested in what's going on..

Last friday I met up with Mary, she was one of my TAFE lecturers throughout my three years of studying graphic design. I found around July last year that she was being treated for breast cancer. I was so devastated when I found out. Only a month later then I was also diagnosed.. So I emailed her a while ago hoping to hear back from her, which I did. We caught up friday morning and discussed EVERYTHING we had both been through. It was so cool to see her and talk to someone face to face who I knew, that recently went though a very similar journey. She was diagnosed April last year so it was a very close time frame for us. Her hair was about an inch longer than mine and so thick. It made me really happy to see her looking so well and also being such a positive inspiration! I hope to see her again really soon.

That afternoon we went into Baker’s Delight to get some nice bakery treats and noticed the whole store was covered in Breast Cancer Foundation promotions! Everything in the shop was decorated in pink. It felt so good being in there! We got what we wanted then also purchased the last three pink sugar buns as part of the sales were donated to the foundation.

BC Sugar buns!

For the past few weeks, my mum has been a bit concerned as whilst she was self-examining herself for breast lumps, she actually found one. Unfortunately this lump had pain associated, so if it were to be positive to breast cancer, it would most probably be at an advanced stage which is what is usually the case if pain is located with the lumpy area. She got straight onto it and had check up’s with her GP and then a breast specialist. They were not 100% sure on what it actually was, though hopefully just something ‘hormonal’. Mum was then booked in for a mammogram which came up negative. Although it was negative it wasn’t exactly accurate as the lump was on the inside/underneath of her breast, making it extremely hard to be picked up in a mammogram. Next she went for an MRI, we were all so positive and laughing saying ‘there is NO WAY we could be this unlucky, mum CANNOT have breast cancer! There is now way!’ Mum herself said several times she wasn’t even worried about the results. It made me feel really happy that having a positive outcome with these situations can really change the whole perspective on the situation. Rather than us all be stressing and upset and worrying until the results came back. Ya know? It felt like the results took FOREVER to return. Though this morning I woke up to a text message from mum saying ‘Hi all, as expected MRI scan is normal thankfully! xx’ It was such a sigh of relief to get that message. There was a couple of times where I was with mum and we were just saying ‘well, if it IS breast cancer… we will just have to deal with it, we know the routine now and how it all works…’ I was deep down quite upset and concerned but I couldn’t let that weak side shine through our positive thoughts.

On sunday I woke up nice and early so I could walk Brooklyn down to our local shopping center and get a copy of the Sunday Times. I flicked through to the Community Spirit section to see if my article was in there (as I was told it would go in either mothers day or the following sunday) and it was not. So for anyone that wants to know, it shall be in The Sunday Times this week, May 15th. If you are unable to check it out I will scan it in and post it on my blog anyway.

For mothers day this year, we planned for both my family and Adams to catch up for late afternoon coffee and snacks at Vans Cafe. It was really lovely although Adam was unable to join us because he woke up really ill sunday morning. I was concerned before I left the house to meet our parents because it was 2pm and he had not been out of bed once. He was covered in so much sweat, really hot to touch yet he was in full pajamas and the blankets on, saying he was cold. When I returned home from our mothers day catch up, I took him to the an after hours GP clinic at the hospital as his temperature was at 38.4. I had never seen him so sick. The GP said it was either a bad dose of Tonsillitis or Glandular Fever. GREAT! Adam has had GF years ago and was extremely unwell as the toxins got to his liver and he was completely yellow. His mum was quite concerned that it was that again so I nursed him as much as possible! The GP put him on Penicillin and said if he breaks out in a rash, its Glandular Fever and come off them, otherwise continue with the antibiotics for Tonsillitis. Well no rash occurred and thank GOD its not Glandular Fever! Our home is becoming a hospital I swear… Why are all these sicknesses hitting us. I thought Shingles was enough!

Mum & I

I noticed on the weekend when I was applying mascara that my lashes are still falling out. I have lost most of the length I used to have although I have lots of new short/thick ones coming through to replace them! My eyebrows are the same, lots of new stubble coming through. I just wish it was happening faster.

Eyebrows & Eyelashes
Hair as of today

As for the hair on my head, I think its still growing!?! I am using hair wax still, all the same really. Not much has changed. My chest wall from radiotherapy is still not 100% normal. I have a tan (faded quite a bit now) over the main area that was targeted. It is very sensitive and I am getting a lot of knife stabbing pains through my scar. It is IMPOSSIBLE to wear my car seatbelt properly. I have to put the belt on, the put the top bit behind my back as any pressure on that side of my chest is intense pain. Armpit is also still completely numb. Adam tricks me by tickling it and its not until minutes later I realise he is even touching me!

Chest Wall
Check, check & check again.

One thought on “Check, check & check again.

  1. Amy says:

    Hey Rachii,
    I’m still following your blog which I hope is ok with you! Looks like life has been busy for you since you finished your radiotherapy. I think your hair looks fabulous by the way!

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