My good friend George has organised a fundraiser event for the movie ‘The Hangover 2’. I’m sure most of you know the movie from the prequel! Its going to be such a fun night as he has hired out one of the ENTIRE cinemas at Event Cinemas in Innaloo! I am so thank ful to have such wonderful friends who care so much to even bother going to the efforts of doing such nice things for me. I would appreciate if you all came.. brother, sister, your better half, mums, dads, your aunty, uncle… ANYONE! We have the chance to fill a cinema with people we all know/care about cancer in general and want to have a fun night.

Here is the flyer for the night and feel free to message/email me for more details…


A big thanks also to Adam for the photography and Scott for the flyer design.. Which you may notice is exactly like the real advertising for this movie!

On another note for tonight, there has been a lack of updates here due to my short trip down south. Tomorrow will be a BIG post with lots of photos!

Big love,



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