On from my last post, I forgot to mention one of my most annoying side effects I have lately is the continuation of my deteriorating nails. They are crumblimg to pieces! Most of them started by crumbling from under the nail whilst still on Carboplatin and Docetaxel, but now they are peeling off on the tops in layers too now. It makes them very thin like paper and sore to touch. Similar with my toe nails.. Adam accidently stepped back onto my left big toe the other day and as usual it hurts for a couple of seconds but I only looked at it last night and realied that its cracked the whole nail. Fortunately there is no pain associated with this one!

My skin has been on and off breaking out pretty badly. The acne is sore and very red/dry. I am using products to help that now, though I am hoping its due to my menstral cycle trying to kick back in. Yes, I am still without a period – its been 10 months now. Its funny to think my skin was the best it has ever been whilst I was on all three chemo drugs. It goes to show, that those drugs really DO kill every little bit of crap in your body.

Last week I became a victim of that horrible head cold going around. I still have it and its taking its time to go away.. Its been really bad and even caused some nausea, so watch out! You don’t want to catch this one… Its crazy to think that a few months ago, if I got a cold like this I would of been in such big trouble. I am so glad I got through my chemo before winter.

The movie fundraiser went really well on saturday night, so thank you very much to all the people who came. I had such a great night! Also of course a big thank you to George who organised it and Carly who especially went out to Spotlight and got some pink helium balloons for the event!

Both Jess and Adam left the country on the weekend. Adam returns in 2.5 weeks, Jess in 6 weeks. I have been keeping in contact with them both through Skype already, so I am taking my laptop/Iphone pretty much everywhere I go incase either of them call me!

Today I spent cleaning the house, sorting items and putting together a Good Sammy’s pile. I went through my bra drawer, sat down and spent a bit of time going through all my old bras. It was strange looking at them all thinking I used to wear them everyday. I threw pretty much all of them into my Good Sammy’s pile. I thought it was a waste of space having them there and even when I have my breasts reconstructed, I will be wearing a surgical bra for a while anyway. THEN I will deserve to go bra shopping and buy new pretty ones. C’mon November!!

Yesterday whilst in the middle of doing my ab workout at the gym, a nice man said to me ‘wow your hair has come back nice and thick!’ I said to him (yes, whilst still doing my ankle taps) ‘wow thank you! I think it is coming back thicker than it originally was!’ He said.. ‘well I dont remember what it was like before, I just seen you coming here when you had no hair at all… is everything over now? Are you all good?..’ I told him yes, the worst is pretty much over and thanked him for the chat. Its nice to know people do recognise you and notice the changes you go through, whether you are sick or not. Even when you have had a hair cut, I think everyone would agree that it is nice to be noticed.

Here is some photos taken just now of the progress of my hair.


Time to make a cuppa tea and blast this sickness away, goodnight.


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