Hot hot heat.

I leave for Bali pretty soon and I am super excited! Expect lots and lots of photos….

Not only am I going to be in the hot humidity over there, but even here at home in Perth. Yep, its winter here but I am finding myself in singlets/t-shirts and jeans and feeling hot. This is definitely my WARMEST winter ever. I normally am so sensitive to the cold weather and shivering cold when the forecast is sitting around 19c. Thanks menopause! Adam and I plan to go to Melbourne in August so I am eager to see how I hold up in the cold there. Maybe I will be hot and sweaty there too? Its so weird.

I had a few issues with booking my travel insurance. It was so frustrating and almost felt a bit discriminating. I was looking around online and getting a few quotes from different companies, which is what I always do anyway. Every site I tried, asked if I had pre-existing medical conditions. Of course this was yes. Not just because of cancer but obviously the 1 billion other issues I have.. Anyway after following all the prompts and questions it kept coming up with the number one pre-existing medical condition as ‘Any cancer you have been diagnosed with in the last 12 months, surgery or secondary cancers’ Yes, I had all three. (secondary cancer meaning it spread to another part of the body) I could not continue with any of the travel insurance companies and had to call them up. Apparently, even though I was safe to travel and my main chemo/radiotherapy is completed (my oncologist has said I am fine to go) they needed confirmation letters from my doctors. Not so great when the trip had been booked so spontaneously and time was so precious! I worked it all out in the end and needed doctors letters anyway to be able to travel with needles as I always have to get ANYWAY even just interstate. Thank god my diabetes and hypothyroidism were not an issue. ARGH! Everything is just too complicated.

I painted/trimmed my fingernails last night in preparation before my trip and was so happy to notice that all the dead, discoloured, thin gross nail that was left from the chemo effects, has all now grown out. I paused for a second before I started cutting the last dead ends of the nails off thinking, wow.. time really flies. I almost felt sad picking up each piece of rotten nail and throwing it into the bin. Soon it will be like cancer never existed in my body. Its a good thing, but its also hard to come to terms with and move on.

I am super busy organising a few things right now so I am going to finish up with a photo of my hair, taken seconds ago. I now have some kind of style going on. Its actually an accidental style. It seriously dries like this I have just flattened the back a little bit with water. The front is to thick and it feels like carpet when you brush your hand back and forth through it. I am so amazed at how wonderful it is coming back! Plus, I still have not had a hair cut. I am so proud of each and every strand, well done to all my beautiful follicles! (Except my eyebrows which are taking forever to grow and also looking very messy up close).

Hair 20/06/11



Hot hot heat.

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