I came across this from my friend Tahli. I thought I would share it here, not because it is directed at anyone, its purely for my own good to remind myself of each and every point listed below. It is also to make everyone aware that (believe it or not!) it is these kinds of things that can actually create illnesses such as cancer. I have been told this many, many times throughout my journey from different people – some being professionals that it can most definitely be a cause. I hope everyone gets as much out of this as I do.

There is one key factor that can either damage your relationships or deepen them.  That factor is your attitude.  If you’re hoping to grow and maintain positive relationships in your life, read on.  Below you will find a 20 step attitude adjustment guaranteed to help you do just that.

  1. Stop holding grudges. – Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
  2. Stop complaining. – Instead, use your time and energy to do something about it.
  3. Stop meaning what you don’t say. – People can’t read minds.  Communicate regularly and effectively.
  4. Stop making it all about you. – The world revolves around the sun, not you. Take a moment to acknowledge this truth on a regular basis.
  5. Stop lying. – In the long-run the truth always reveals itself.  Either you own up to your actions or your actions will ultimately own you.
  6. Stop blaming.  – Blaming others accomplishes nothing.  Either you own your problems, or they will own you.  Your choice.  When you blame others for what you’re going through, you deny responsibility – you give-up your power over that part of your life, and you annoy everyone around you in the process.
  7. Stop doubting. – If you think that you can’t achieve something, I have some news for you, you’re probably right.  But don’t let your self-doubt interfere with other people’s dreams.  Remember, the one who says it can’t be done should never interrupt the one doing it.
  8. Stop interrupting. – Correcting someone when they’re blatantly wrong is one thing, but always interjecting your opinions out of turn gets old fast.
  9. Stop being selfish. – You get what you put into a relationship.  Nothing less, nothing more.
  10. Stop judging. – Everyone is fighting their own unique war. You have no clue what they are going through, just like they have no clue what you’re going through.
  11. Stop gossiping. – Gossiping about others is a lose/lose situation.  It hurts them, and then it hurts your reputation.
  12. Stop making promises you can’t keep. – Don’t over-promise.  Over-deliver on everything you do.
  13. Stop being defensive. – Just because someone sees something differently than you doesn’t mean either one of you is wrong.  Keep an open mind.  Open minds discover great things.
  14. Stop comparing people to others. – No two people are alike.  Everyone has their own strengths.  We are only competing against our own selves.
  15. Stop expecting people to be perfect. – ‘Perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good.’  And genuine ‘goodness’ is hard to find in this world.  Don’t overlook it.
  16. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. – It’s impossible.  But making one person smile can change the world.  Maybe not the whole world, but their world.  So narrow your focus.
  17. Stop screwing people over just because you can get away with it. – Just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean you should do it.  Think bigger.  Do what you know in your heart is right.
  18. Stop making mountains out of molehills. – People make mistakes.  Crap happens.  There’s no reason to stress out yourself and everyone around you because of it.  One way to check if something is worth mulling over is to ask yourself this question: “Will this matter in one year’s time?”  If not, then it’s not worth worrying about.
  19. Stop being dramatic. – Stay out of other people’s drama and don’t needlessly create your own.
  20. Stop giving out advice, and just listen. – Less advice is often the best advice.  People don’t need lots of advice, they need a listening ear and some positive reinforcement.  What they want to know is already somewhere inside of them.  They just need time to think, be and breathe, and continue to explore the undirected journeys that will eventually help them find their direction.

And remember, your relationship with yourself is the closest and most important relationship you will ever have.  So pay attention to it, develop it, nurture it, and never, ever stop.



Wow, hello again. Once again, its been quite some time since I have updated. Like, a LONG time.

There are a few highlights to mention from the past couple of weeks.

Firstly, Adam and I will be celebrating our Engagement party this saturday night. Its been pretty crazy organising it all and it felt like it was forever away but the time has now come to celebrate. I don’t mean to sound soppy and lame, because I am most definitely not that kind of person, but it has felt quite emotional this week. The fact that we have been engaged now for 11 months and not that the excitement of that has been ‘pushed aside’ but in a way, it really was put on hold to celebrate because of the circumstances at the time. All through the end of last year and earlier this year it felt like I was never going to feel normal again. The thought of how healthy my body was and the state it was in through my early stages of chemotherapy was literally mind blowing. Finally, I can say that my body is feeling more and more normal every week. Also.. today was chemo cycle # 14, I spent most of the day at the hospital as each appointment was so delayed. One of them being 2.5 hours late! Anyway, I felt a little bit sad to think that the week of my engagement party I was dealing with cancer treatment. Its little thoughts like that, that trigger my emotions.

Last week I finally booked an appointment at Breast Aware WA to visit the ladies there in regards to a prosthesis. I went in on friday morning and ended up coming out with some sweet new titties! We discussed a few options, I could of got a prothesis for my left side to match my right side, being a 10A bra size. My other option was to have a ‘boost’ on the right side and go up to a full C cup size which seemed like the better option seeing as that is the size I am thinking of going for when it comes to my reconstruction surgery later this year. This way I can get used my new size and decide if thats what I am happy with. After trying on many different sizes/shapes of fillers.. we finally found the perfect fit.

10A - 10C!

For the past two weeks I have been working casually to help out my dad & brother at their office. Its actually been really refreshing to have something to wake up early for, get ready and be in a workplace. I was worried to get back into a job because I felt like I wasn’t really ready and with my big recon operation coming up soon.. I just wasn’t sure. I was wrong. I have never been happier to help people and deal with the ups and downs of being at work. I think this positivity has brought on more luck, as I was recommended for another job this week, went to the interview and ended up with two jobs at the same place. I won’t go into too much detail of what it is yet as one of the jobs starts monday as a casual temp for three weeks and the other job starts just after that, full time as a graphic designer. Good things come to those who wait! (thank you to that friend who recommended me, you know who you are!)

Another exciting thing to mention, is that I will be doing some public speaking for a breast cancer event in September. I will not post anything else on this subject either as I have not been briefed with the specifications for this yet. But its exciting and I am looking forward to getting up and talking to several hundred people about it. I will also post the flyer for this event when I know it has actually been completely approved and ready to go!

Today, I also had my FIRST hair cut since my hair has grown back from treatment. It was so crazy sitting in front of the mirror thinking wow, a HAIR cut? It had grown pretty out of control and I was rocking a bit of a fluffy mullet. Here is some photos of the new ‘do’ thanks to the lovely Bee from Peggy Sue’s. She is fantastic. Such a genuine girl, who also didn’t charge me for my hair cut and also GAVE me $100 to go by something nice for myself. You don’t meet anyone that amazing these days do you? $100.. to go buy myself something nice?!?! I am still in shock. All she wanted in return was me to send her a photo of what I buy myself. What a doll.

Back & Side

This evening I had a phone call from my GP informing me that my full blood count from yesterday came back with altered Thyroid results (compared to my normal ones). My thyroid has been under active (Hypothyroidism) for about six years now, which I take tablets for every day for the rest of my life. Apparently, my results came back with an OVERactive thyroid?! This results in anxiety & weight-loss. Maybe this could even explain my crazy low blood pressure result yesterday which came in at 80/43 (normal is known to be 120/80). My nurse was pretty concerned and kind of joked by saying ‘I think thats supposed to mean your actually dead’ It was funny at the time.. I felt fine though I normally have quite a low blood pressure reading so I guess I am used to feeling light headed and dizzy all day every day.

So, I am looking forward to tomorrow not only for our celebration, but my sister and her boyfriend also are currently flying home from LA after Jess being away for two months. I am just so happy at the moment with the way life is coming back together. I am looking forward to every single day ahead of me because they are all going to be so amazing.



There is not a lot to even update at the moment. I suppose its good to know that I only have four more doses of Herceptin though?..

Hair today.

Hair 19/07/11
Hair 19/07/11

I have decided to not talk about my hair any more. I will post photos on here and answer any questions in public.

My dad has asked me to help out with reception work at his office for a while until they find new staff, so of course I wanted to help out. I guess certain people you talk to and certain issues they discuss with you can really wake you up and wear you down.

That is all.