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Its been one day less of a week since having my thumbs operated on. Its been pretty hard doing everyday chores, though I haven’t really complained, at least I don’t have to work/take time off. I remember as the anaethesist injected me with GA, he said (as they always do) ‘okay here it goes.. you will start to feel sleepy and soon drift off to sleep’. I battled the anaesthetic and tried to stay awake as it started to work. It was pretty fun. The side effects of feeling drowsy from the morphine lasted almost 24 hours. I had requested a second injection when I woke up because  I was in severe pain still. Maybe I had too much. I woke up with huge bandages on both hands and could not move them at all!

Groggy, being wheeled out of surgery
The next day

So far I have become a little bit better every day. I have had two physio sessions back at the hospital already. I need to keep them moving no matter how painful it is as being diabetic, the lack of movement can build up scar tissue and slow down healing which can make them even worse in the long run. The worst part of it is not just being painful, but I cannot drive, exercise or get my hands wet for 2 weeks. Do you realise how hard it is not to get your hands wet?! and how annoying it is to shower with rubber gloves on?.. This scares me because its only a small operation compared to what I will be going through in November. The exercise part… well, I have been a bit cheeky and still done a little bit. Obviously not weights as I cannot pick them up, but walking/jogging. I do not have to worry about my hands sweating and getting the wounds wet, because in 2002 I had an operation to stop my hands profusely sweating. Since I was a baby I always had a hand sweating problem. In school I used to be writing a test/essay and when I’d finish, the whole paper would be soaked in sweat and all my writing would be smudged. It was terrible. Don’t even get me started on my art work. When I started my career as a make-up artist/designer I decided I had to get the surgery done. Best thing I have ever done. My hands do not sweat at all now.

Back to focusing more on the subject of breast cancer, here is a photo from the other day of my hair. Its growing more and more into a afro at the top. Its going to be hitting a really awkward stage soon and I am not happy about it. Luckily its winter and I have some good hats and beanies or I don’t know what the hell I’d do!

Hair - 03/07/11

Stay tuned as I have another update today…. definitely a bit more exciting than this one. xxxxx

Thumbs up

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