I cannot believe its already been over a week since our engagement party. Time is literally flying. The party was so great and everything went exactly as planned. Of course we couldn’t invite everyone we would of liked to or we would of really had about 250 or more people actually there. The vibe was unreal and everyone was happy and completely in celebration mode. A huge thank you to both Adam’s and my parents for their short but sweet speeches – just as we wanted them! Even more so, the biggest thank you to Adam for his funny, serious, loving and beautiful speech (which whilst I must add, whilst he was pretty drunk). He constructed it straight off the top of his head and I knew he meant every word of it. It was so perfect. I actually wish I had it recorded so I could listen to it again.

Here are the photos from the evening. Also another big, big thank you to Josh for not only attending our party as a guest but taking the time to help us out by getting some great photos!

Thank you all so, so, so, SO much for coming to celebrate such an important event with Adam and I. To all our family and friends, we appreciate you all so much (even to all of you who could not be there). THANK YOU.

On saturday I went to see my friend Carly who very kindly tattooed me as a gift. I got a little purple candy heart behind my left ear with an ‘A’ for Adam inside it. I wanted this because it resembles the fact that Adam saved me. Its also on my left side which is the side that I got cancer. I love it so much.

I have some other wonderful news to share with everyone, but its now 12:30AM because it took so long uploading all those photos. I shall inform everyone on this great news tomorrow (if I get time!)

Good night. xo