One more time.

The past two weeks have been pretty busy for me. As I work flexible, I am able to take time off where needed so long as I make up for it. I had my second last chemo cycle last thursday so I had to take the whole day off. Meaning I worked between 9-10 hours everyday last week to make up for taking the thursday off. My day off was pretty hectic. I was on the phone to my dentist trying to work out when I can get my wisdom teeth out which I am hoping they can postpone that till next year.  Then I had a chat to the receptionist at my breast surgeons clinic. This is complicated… I thought to myself the other day ‘why haven’t I been given a date for my reconstruction surgery? Am I supposed to BOOK this?!’ The lady told me that I actually cannot book my surgery till I have seen the surgeon for my final consultation on November 4. Which really sucks because they only have ONE more appointment left for this year to have the big operation. I was pretty upset and I asked her if she could pencil me in but it seems that they cannot do that. I am praying that I get that last appointment or I will have to push my surgery on to next year some time. I was really looking forward to seeing everything out this year and moving on next year.. But really, what can you do?

Then I was off to have my full blood count (I actually had four different blood test sheets worth due to my GP requesting further studies on other problems) done in the morning then had to make my way over to medicare and medibank (which happen to be about a 25 minute drive from each other) and make some claims. I hope that money gets into my account soon because its been about 2 months since I have not had the chance to go in to medicare and medibank to be able to claim this $600 back. Next was my scheduled visit to my oncologist, I told her how I had been feeling down about treatment coming to an end but she said its all very normal and most people feel exactly the same. She also reminded me that I will still be going into the hospital pretty regularly for scans and check ups which I kinda forgot about. I need that 5-10 year clearance of the cancer not coming back. I feel 120% positive about this and know it WON’T come back to haunt me. Having gone through this at a young age can make the risk higher of cancer returning, but I don’t believe its going to happen to me.

I also discussed with her that I have been having problems with my skin breaking out, really intense stomach bloating (I looked about six months pregnant the other night and actually did a pregnancy test just incase – yes it is possible for me to fall pregnant even whilst my period has not yet returned!) and I asked if maybe this was a sign of my hormones playing up and my period possibly coming back?! She said it most probably was… Then asked ‘how are your hot flushes going?’ I blanked out and thought for a few seconds.. I DON’T EVEN GET THEM ANYMORE! I had not even realised this myself! It is very possible that my ovaries are recovering which still could take months to completely go back to normal, but I am most certainly feeling happy that I can maybe be a normal woman again sometime in the near future.

Fast forwarding to sunday, I had such a wonderful day. I helped several other young ladies, plus many other mature ladies organise and pack all of the showbags to give away at ‘The Pink Gig’ – which is already coming up and THIS saturday night! I felt extremely overwhelmed when I arrived with Kim and Casey, there were so many happy ladies there for such a good cause. We had such a nice sunny afternoon whilst sharing wine, cheese, more nibbles and just great company.

I started writing my speech on monday night. It has been a lot harder than anyone could imagine. Yeah, its on a topic I know so well and about myself but choosing the right words/things to say has been tricky. I want to be able to portray a good message which I am sure I will, but its still been hard! I hope to find out if someone has a camcorder or something and can film it so I can blog it here later on so everyone can watch it. I’d also like to watch it myself and keep for life.

Work has been going really well, I have had some very stressful days lately but it always works out one way or another. I have worn a wig to work every day since I started and getting pretty sick of putting it on every day… though I don’t feel comfortable randomly rocking up with boy short hair just yet, also the fact that I have 3 very visible tattoos in that area makes me feel a bit self conscious for only being there 5 weeks or whatever it is now!? I am sure they have already seen them and don’t mind anyway, but I just feel so exposed with this short hair.

Anyway, I am off to try think of more things to say in my speech before I get too tired and fall asleep!

Curly hair?!!?!?!

Good night all xo

One more time.

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