Return of the Breast

Okay so I was supposed to get onto some hair updates for you all etc.. So this post is going to be a big one because I have a lot to write about.

Its been two weeks today since my recent surgery. Everything went very well. All the masses of strong vitamins I have been taking weeks prior to the surgery have made a massive contribution to how great I am recovering. I barely needed any pain killers in the first week!? Thats insane. I had to go home with one drain tube and bottle still attached to me which kinda sucked but of course I am willing to do anything to get over this next step which seems like a really complicated obstacle course for me this year.


The photo above shows my right breast which is now completed (nipple reconstruction to follow next year). The left breast is the one that has had to be reconstructed a second time. The wrinkly texture is just from the bandages that were removed literally seconds before this photo was taken. The left breast will look the same as the right one once its finished – its just going to take a bit longer.. and yes that is the drain tube still inside the breast. So painful 😦

So far this is where I am at. The right breast is at 325cc (basically the same as ml) and the left is only at 60cc. I am having my first (again) expansion next friday 19th Oct. I will update you all when that takes place.

Unfortunately, I am not even allowed to be walking for exercise at the moment. Most of you know that this is killing me inside because I need exercise daily to keep me sane. So I am trying to channel my frustration into relaxing and meditation more than the norm. Also spending lots of time in the sun with Brooklyn.



In other news, my hair. Here are some pics from yesterday after using my straightening iron. I am really happy with how its progressing now even if it is in a million different layers from growing out of being bald.




As it is October, its Breast Cancer Awareness month. One year has come so fast that its now time for The Pink Gig again! Last year I was the inspirational speaker at this 400+ people event and this year is only going to be bigger better and even MORE entertainment. I will be speaking again this year so I am starting to collate different issues to do with my personal experience for the event.

The event will take place on October 26 at Hillarys Yacht Club and I would love to see you all there!

If you are interested in attending, you can purchase tickets online at


I thought I might add in this little bit for anyone who is interested. My mum & I had some photos taken a couple of months ago now, for a newspaper and online article on living with Type One Diabetes. Our family has been in the paper many times over the years because we have three T1 Diabetics in our immediate family which is pretty rare (Mum, Jess & I). Most people don’t really understand the stress of a living a life with T1D and often get it confused with T2D (Type 2 Diabetes) which is different as it is self inflicted by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Here is the link if you would like to read on…

Return of the Breast

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