Two Zero Thirteen

First of all, welcome to 2013! This year is going to be full of so many wonderful things. I can am starting to vibe bigger and better things for me.

I suppose I should also say merry christmas and even happy halloween as my last update was the 10th of October!

I had a really lovely christmas/new year. Adam and I went down to Dunsborough with a big group of friends. Lots of time at the fantastic clear water beaches, wineries, chocolate factory, riding our bikes… so much fun filled activities. It really felt unreal to be able to participate in everything and be so welcomed back into a great group of friendships.

Canal Rocks, Dunsborough
Canal Rocks, Dunsborough
Sugarloaf Rock
Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

It has now been four months since my last surgery. I have healed so well this time round and have been into my health and exercise as much as I was pre cancer. Back into traditional kickboxing, cardio, weights and pilates, I have been feeling on top of the world. My naturopath has played a huge roll in this as she has been keeping in contact with me weekly with my supplements and vitamins to make sure everything is working the way it should be. She has honestly been working miracles. I would go as far to say that she is my current hero.

I visited my surgeon on 1st of February for the first time in two months. Unfortunately I go back under the knife in two weeks for more repairing 😦 It has to be done, though I am feeling a little bit disheartened that I will be back into a weakened position for a few weeks and slowly, again, having to work slowly back into my fitness. It keeps me so grounded and my head is feeling so clear right now that its hard to believe I was ever so sick?!

There feels like there is never really an end. I thought this was going to be my last time I had to go under anaesthetic for surgery but I will have a couple more after this one. One step at a time and I really do see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This year I am planning to focus even more on my nutrition, health and wellbeing. Something I will be practicing the rest of my life. I also am getting more inspired to read and write. It has been so therapeutic for me and I feel really passionate about it. Adam and I are also planning some more lovely trips over to Thailand – one being our wedding at the end of the year. As I mentioned, this year is full of goals and goodies 🙂

Stay tuned for some more updates this week – I am sourcing a video from The Pink Gig of my speech, this is something a few people have been asking me to post.

Love & light,

Rachi xxx

Two Zero Thirteen

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