As some of you already know, since late January I have been in contact with Therese Kerr. I was absolutely delighted when she asked me to be a contributor to her website and write a post once a week. My posts have been going live every Thursday morning for four weeks and include some of my rituals I use daily to keep my head clean and positive. You can visit the website here at and view my bio page here. Therese’s website has several other brilliant contributors who all dedicate their experiences and knowledge on anything and everything to inspire others to live healthy and happy lives including some amazing recipes.

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Therese is not only the proud mother of Miranda and Matthew Kerr, but she is also the General Manager of KORA Organics and co-author of ‘Lunchbox Solutions’ along side Chef Kate and Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani. Lunchbox Solutions is her first multi-touch e-book for iPads and electronic devices (also available in pdf format). The aim of the book is provide healthy lunch alternatives for all ages. There is also a lot of dedication to getting children into healthy eating and how to prepare their lunch for school. You too can do this yourself to prepare your healthy lunches for work! This book, containing video’s, electronic glossary, links, etc is a state of the art, multi-touch e-book utilising the latest technology to deliver a recipe book like no other. Therese will also be releasing four more fantastic books in 2013.

I have been slowly adding some of the recipes from Lunchbox Solutions to my eating plans and really finding great alternatives to my already healthy lifestyle. You can never have too many ideas!

My Green Smoothie: Avocado ~ Kale, Spinach ~ Natural Probiotic Yoghurt ~ Shredded Coconut ~ Maca ~ Chia Seeds ~ Psyllium ~ LSA ~ Coconut Oil ~ Cacao ~ Raw Green Super Powder ~ Almond Milk/Water & Ice.
My Green Smoothie: Avocado ~ Kale ~ Spinach ~ Natural Probiotic Yoghurt ~ Shredded Coconut ~ Maca ~ Chia Seeds ~ Psyllium ~ LSA ~ Coconut Oil ~ Cacao ~ Raw Green Super Powder ~ Almond Milk/Water & Ice.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy either for your iPad or PDF for your computer or laptop, please click on either the Lunchbox Solutions tab on my website or on the banner to the right of this page that I have added for your convenience and follow the prompts, or simply click here. Below is a video demonstration which gives you some further information before your purchase.

The wonderful ladies themselves - Therese Kerr, Chef Kate & Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
The wonderful ladies themselves – Therese Kerr, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani & Chef Kate

The Kerr family live and breathe everything organic. From eating to spiritually living and what you put on your body, all the things I like to include in my life. They are a great inspiration to us all. I myself, have always been very inspired by Miranda from the time I was 14 where I saw her enter the Dolly magazine modelling competition in 1997.. So as you can imagine this is such a wonderful opportunity for me! 🙂

I hope you all enjoy Lunchbox Solutions and my upcoming posts here at and at! If you have any topic suggestions or things you would like me to write about, feel free to comment on my blog with your ideas 🙂




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