Bits & Pieces


My name is Rachel. I am a Type One Diabetic of 23 years, suffer from Hypothyroidism and now, also a Cancer Survivor.

In August 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer (HER2+) which had spread to my armpit, at 27 years of age with no family history.

– Started with a Left Mastectomy

– Left Auxiliary Clearance (32 lymph nodes removed)


– IV Port

– 1 Year of Chemotherapy

– 5 weeks of daily Radiotherapy

– Bilateral Mastectomy & Bilateral Breast reconstruction (Latissimus Dorsi)

Welcome to my journey.


7 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Yolande Bennett says:


    You are the light of my life (along with your sister Jessica).
    I love you so very much and I hope that I can be the best mother
    in the world to you always but especially during this time. Know
    that I am with you every single tiny step of the way on this journey.

    You are loved and even adored by many who are not only related
    to you but your amazing friends of whom there are very many.

    Your journal will become just a faded memory to you in years to
    come and your life ahead will be glorious and full of the best things
    that life has to offer.

    All my love,

    mama xx

  2. lady says:

    You have no idea how many times I have read your blog, you have given everything to this blog

    you are truly beautiful inside & out.

    you have never given up through the tough times, you are heroes in so many young ladies eyes

    you deserve the world.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I am a stranger to you but started reading about your journey from day one, and you have me in tears. I am so astounded by your strength and beauty and I truly wish you the best going forward. I don’t know what else to say but I hope you continue to document your journey, including your marriage! All the best, you are absolutely, 150% incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Wow I can across your blog on the Aussie Muay Thai girls page! your story is amazing and inspirational your stregth and courage brought tears to my eyes. I Hope with all my heart that everything works out for you! Keep with the Muay thai it does wonders 🙂 xox

  5. Hi Rachi,

    I started reading your blog right back at the start (2010) when you were diagnosed as my mutual friend of ours, Dwight, told me about your inspirational story and fight. Your post were awe inspiring, powerful, down to earth and you never beat around the bush (even when things werent good!)– you were a warrior and you weren’t going to let this cancer get the best of you.

    A few years on now and I am about to start rereading all your post again as recently my boyfriend has been diagnosed with a secondary melanoma in his lymph nodes (groin). We don’t know the extend/stage to where it has spread, he has his operation on Friday and we are hoping more of our questions can be answered then but for now I am doing as much research/reading/talking about the subject and personal experiences as I can. I can’t wait to read all you posts over again to gain strength and courage from all you have been through and still continue to fight with a huge smile on your face and strenght that is truely amazing.

    Thank you for giving myself (and im sure many others) hope in situations when sometimes you can often feel helpless, you truly are an inspiration!

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