An update from the USA

HeatherSome of you may remember back in February I posted a brave story from Cameron about his wife Heather, who courageously pulled her way through Mesothelioma when she was told she had 15 months to live. If you have not – you can view this post here.

Cameron contacted me this morning to share an amazing project video they participated in. I really wanted to share it with you all so you could also see this lovely family and how they are now so happily living each day with their beautiful daughter Lily.

Heather’s approach to life throughout her illness and to how she is shining today has been so great for me to watch. I feel really connected to the way she is in life and her positive reflection on her life. As Heather quotes in this video:

I have been accused all my life of wearing rose coloured glasses and seeing life very optimistically and I have no intention of ever taking them off.

This is so heart warming. Bless you Heather for making me smile so bright today!

Love Rachel


An update from the USA

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